Uniquely designed to the individual needs, income levels and long-term goals of each of our clients, our personalized money management portfolios are designed to help our clients achieve their particular financial objectives.

We offer cash planning and budgeting services along with bill paying and banking management to all of our clients. As a rule, we generally advise a conservative approach to financial management- maintaining all cash in federally insured bank account, money market account or Federal Treasury obligations- unless directed otherwise. As many of our clients travel extensively or pursue careers that do not allow for daily money management or management of company billing and collecting, we provide valuable peace of mind and protection.

For clients who wish to pursue other investment opportunities, we maintain relationships with a group of respected money managers offering a range of asset allocation strategies. Regardless of with whom the money is invested, MSI monitors each manager’s performance closely to confirm that their approach remains aligned with our client’s wishes.

Cash Planning & Budgeting

Designed to ensure that our clients maximize the potential of their income, our cash planning and budgeting services begin by constructing a budget that allows our clients to meet their current obligations and achieve their long-term financial objectives.

We then review this budget on a regular basis to discuss prior projections and actual expenses, in an effort to determine if any adjustments are required to insure that our clients can continue to achieve their goals.

Bill Pay & Banking

This service is designed to lift the burden of daily financial management – and free our clients to focus on their successful careers. Our bill pay and banking services take an individual approach to ensuring our clients meet their financial obligations.

From paying weekly bills, to sourcing home mortgage, refinance and credit card loans, and procuring necessary services such as phone, electric and other utilities, MSI handles every aspect of your on-going administrative needs.

We further track expenses by comparing them to pre-determined budget parameters and then produce monthly cash flow and expense statements that are forwarded to our clients. MSI also maintains-and can manage-relationships with leading banks worldwide.